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Gehazi Collections Hit the Runway

In the studio, I'm confident. I should be. Sometimes the designs come so effortlessly, it feels like I'm cheating. This is my gift and I treasure its joy.

Gehazi Collections on the runway
Photo by Jas Ambrose ambrose /

Still, the design table and my jewelry stands don't reveal how these designs will look off the table. So, without fail, when my artwear settles on the perfect neck, ear lobes or wrist, I'm almost moved to tears. It's then I know that I'm living up to the Gehazi name that means valley of vision.

On April 29, in Westland, Michigan, the mountain-top moments kept coming after beautiful and talented models walked the runway in fashion designer Beulah Cooley's From Detroit to Milan: Four Seasons of Fashion.

Cooley's designs accessorized with Gehazi Collections made a magnificent match on the runway.

In the end, Cooley posted on Facebook: "Gehazi Jewelry Collection is a statement for the Beulah Cooley Collection I thank God for this talented Jewelry Designer with all my heart and for making us shine... From the Team Beulah Cooley Collection of Fashion on the Runway 4/29/ 2023."

Cooley's fashions are headed to Milan, Italy, in September. She has been invited to do a runway show there. Gehazi Collections will be with her. We will be a match perfect for Milan. I'll need to pack a bucket to catch the tears.

Gehazi jewelry with Beulah Cooley fashion
Photo by Jas Ambroise / Detroit

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Beulah Cooley Collection

Photo credit: Jas Ambrose


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