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Gehazi: Valley of vision

Sandra Davis and Gehazi’s eclectic jewelry collection began to garner attention nationally in 2005 when the Detroit-based company’s designs were often chosen for celebrity VIP gift bags for award events in Los Angeles and New York.

Since, Gehazi has received inquiries from around the country about the latest designs. Several Gehazi creations were highlighted in the January 2006 issue of Ebony magazine.

Two bracelets debuted on the Martha Stewart Show, and

other pieces have been featured in Woman’s World,

Celebrity Living Weekly, the National Examiner and

other publications including BLAC magazine in Detroit.

Gehazi jewelry also has garnered appeal on fashion runways and been sold in boutiques throughout the country.

Our designs continuously garner attention internationally

with customers in 14 countries including Canada, Australia,  Austria, Italy, France, Japan, the United Kingdom and more.



I am Sandra Davis.

An intensely creative spirit is the song and dance

of my soul; the guiding wand that taps into the

lyrical vibes of quartz, rubies, agates and crystals. Together they produce whimsical tunes and I am

the conductor orchestrating the symphony of

their melodious collaborations.

In this synchronization of naked stones, bold colors, striking shapes and shiny things, I make the rocks sing.

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