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Beyond the Transactions, Relationships Make the Difference

About 15 years ago the first Gehazi site launched. Sales were good and I remember proudly telling my friend Stephanie Jo Peksen that I recalled the name of every customer.

Stephanie told me, “That’s fine for now but one day you won’t remember every customer.” Honestly, that left me disappointed. I wasn’t sure I wanted that to happen.

However, one name did stand out. Candace Gause of Ohio became a regular customer. When one iteration of the site updated, she always reappeared.

She has no idea how happy I was to see her name again and again and even in December when the rebranded Gehazi site launched.

Recently, Ms. Gause shopped with us again. This time, she was disappointed because earrings she ordered arrived damaged, and we sent the wrong earrings. I was mortified. Yes. sometimes there are mix-ups and sometimes items shift during shipping. Not often, but it happens. No matter what, customer service is a high priority and I always appreciate the chance to set it right.

I apologized and instructed her on how to make a simple adjustment to get the disassembled earring back in shape. And I told her I would get the right earrings in the mail to her. I also thanked her for the longtime support and encouraged her to send a photo wearing something she had purchased. Right away she did just that.

I realized that the two of us had established a relationship spanning at least 15 years, but had never really been introduced to one another. Ms. Gause, a beautiful woman with a bright warm smile, looked amazing in her new Gehazi earrings. I sent her a photo of me, then I stopped for a moment realizing the significance of it all.

What happened was a hallmark Gehazi moment. It was a reminder of why customer service is a strong value in this company’s culture, and why it’s important to make all our encounters count beyond the transaction. In the end, it’s what keeps me going and keeps me in the studio making pieces with my customers in mind.

Ms. Gause and I now are properly introduced.

I think even Stephanie Jo will be proud that customer service is still a priority for me and that I still remember some of my customers, especially the original Gehazi Rock Stars who keep coming back.

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