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Join us as We Celebrate Gehazi’s International Runway Debut

I’m taking deep breaths and I am giving thanks for an incredible upcoming opportunity.

Gehazi Collections will travel to Milan, Italy, this September.

This is no ordinary trip. It is a dream come true.

Gehazi Collections has been invited to participate in the Yes Brand Milano Fashion Show featuring the Beulah Cooley Collection. Cooley is a renowned fashion designer based in Detroit.

Cooley has selected Gehazi designs to adorn her creations as they debut on an international runway. The upcoming Milano Fashion Week runs September 20-26.

This prestigious event showcases the latest trends in the fashion industry, highlighting designers from around the world. It’s an opportunity to witness firsthand the creativity and innovation that defines the fashion world.

Although Gehazi Collections has been sold in the U.S., Canada and 14 other countries, this will be our international runway debut.

Past fashion week attendees have included fashion icons such as Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, and Victoria Beckham. After this event, add Beulah Cooley and Sandra Davis to that list.

I am always humbled to work with the Cooley Collection and extremely thankful that I will accompany this talented designer on a whirlwind trip that also includes jaunts to Venice, Switzerland, Paris, and London.

I can’t pack you in my suitcase, but I can keep you updated. Follow Gehazi Collections and the Beulah Cooley Collection on the web and social media channels as both teams capture highlights along the way.

I am grateful, thankful, and ready to immerse myself in a world of glamour, style, and inspiration.

As always, thank you for your continued encouragement and support!

Photos above by Jas Ambrose.

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