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Sandra's Favorites - Vol.1

Copper Canyon Necklace Set

I love color. If it is bright and bold and it gets my attention. Still, I cannot resist sultry earth-tones. There is something soothing, almost spiritual about them.

I created this necklace set with that in mind. It is borne out of a moment of reflection. A moment when I felt grounded and felt led by the valley of vision.

The necklace set is 40" of cascading freshwater pearls, glass beads, seed beads and pewter in a range of brown, yellow and orange hues. The pendant is hand-wrapped slab agate

with batik bone beads, glass, and horn. It is fine to let it hang and flow, or wrap it for a layered look.

Earrings drop about 3" inches. Necklace finished with a smart pewter toggle clasp. This is an original design and one of a kind, as many of the designs out of my studio.I would wear this set anytime of the year, but is something very empowering with welcoming fall draped in the hues that the season brings. (Click here to purchase your very own set!)

Bodacious Brown and Black Necklace Set

Expect the unexpected. That is what makes Gehazi pieces so special. The beautiful large agates in the Gehazi Bodacious Brown Necklace Set sat on my design table for the longest times. I would just look at them and marvel at the form, and sometimes hold it tightly until the warmth from my skin soaked in the stone.

I knew they needed something special and something a little extra that would not compete with their charm. That is exactly what happened when this set was finished.

It takes what would be an ordinary neutral necklace to a different level.

Here, the neutrals are alive and banging in this Gehazi 18" necklace with matching earrings. Necklace is comprised of stunning spotted agate (you rarely see these), faceted onyx, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver and Czech glass. The golden glass beads are the unpredicted here that add an extra layer of warmth and magic. What the large stones carry in weight is nothing compared to their uniqueness. Earrings are 1 1/2" with sterling silver lever-back hooks. Go bold, wear this with red and you will set it off!

This is truly a Gehazi Rock Star!

Radiant Earth Necklace Set

I’m a Florida girl who had made Michigan my home. One of the reasons is that I am absolutely in love with being able to experience four beautiful and distinct seasons. Fall probably tops that list, so it is no wonder that the Gehazi Radiant Earth Necklace Set is imbued with rich colors that capture the spirit of the season.

The colors warm me and the texture adds an artistic element that sets it apart from the department store accessory mass produced without thought to the little touches that make jewelry stand out.

The set reminds me of green leaves turning bright red before abandoning their branches and decorating ground. This is a gorgeous collection of Czech glass beads, Swarovski crystals and gold beads in a 18" necklace with a 4" drop. There is delicacy and boldness in the brown, red, pink, and gold hues. the hand-wrapped pendant features 18K gold chain and a beautiful fossil stone. Necklace is finished in gold chain and a gold lobster claw clasp. Matching earrings are 3" long.

It was created in my head as I pondered the changing fall season and the joy it brings to me to be able to embrace those perfect radiant hues.

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